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Facial Products

The Belief

We believe in living a life full of joy, wellness, and good health. These beliefs re-affirm our core mission to provide healthy, handmade products that will help our shoppers improve their lifestyle in more ways than one. Browse our site to learn more about us and what we can do for your health.

About Us

Our History

Everyone wants to live a healthy life, but there is no clear cut path to get there. That’s where VisitHer comes in. Founded in 2020 by long-time friends who are collectively passionate about health and wellness! Our high quality, exceptional products help you feel your best and live the full, rich life you deserve.

Our goal is to provide alternative medical care that will reverse and prevent disease using the fundamental healing principles of the body through holistic medicine.

            Our Promise to You

We care about your overall well being and will provide you with the guidance, knowledge, and tools needed to be healthy. Let us help you achieve optimal wellness with holistic medicine!

We are proud of what we have accomplished today. We offer a shopping experience like no other, making it easy for you to find and stock up on your favorite items in minutes. And to top it off, our fair, wallet-friendly prices will always keep you coming back for more.

Cosmetic Oils


Get to Know Us


Tiffany Brown

Advanced Master Herbalist 
Certified Nurses Assistant 
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Certified 
Chakra Healing  Qualified
Crisis Intervention Specialist


Lishala Carter

Master Herbalist 
Bachelor of Science Criminal Psychology 
Master of Public Health and Social Services
Certified Doula
Childbirth Educator 
Certified Yoni Steamer
Certified Grant Narrative Writer  
Published Author


Auriell Weston

Master Herbalist 
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health  
Clinical Family Coordinator
Qualified Mental Health Professional,QMHP
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Certified, CBT
Trauma Informed Care Certified.

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