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About Us - VisitHer

VisitHer, located out of Gadsden, Alabama has been in business since 2020. We are locally owned, and locally run by a group of life-long friends. Over the course of our friendship we established that we are all equally passionate about anything health and wellness related - not just for ourselves, but for other women as well. We were determined to come up with a way of exploiting our collective knowledge on health and wellness - no need in keep all of our secrets to ourselves, right? Thus, came the creation of VisitHer.

VisitHer is a fluid and knowledgeable wellness business. Our main goal is to cater to you women out there, not just one of you - all of you. We strive for excellence as we assist you in maintaining a state of well-being, so that you live a long and healthy life. Longevity is our goal, and we want to start with YOU, queen! Each of you are different - special in your own way! This is why VisitHer offers a variety of the most authentic and organic products. We specialize in services such as yoni steams, homeopathic medicine, and mental health awareness.

As you know, our health is at the core of our being. Therefore, keeping yourself in good health is essential - think of it as preventative maintenance - for your body. This is why VisitHer specializes in the utilization of self-care; we strive for the overall optimal well-being for a healthy individual. As you might already know, our bodies have a way of repairing themselves. VisitHer is here to aide you during those times. We use methods that aid that natural abilities with modalities like nutrition, physical manipulations, and holistic medicine. VisitHer specializes in women's wellbeing through womb, yoni, mental and physical wellness. While our majority target audience is women, we do have some products for our kings out there too!

Here at VisitHer we believe in living a joyous life. One that is filled with wellness and good health. Improving your lifestyle in more way that one is our specialty. We create hand-made products - formulated and created directly by the owners. These products assist us in re-affirming our core beliefs - pushing us to create products that are both healthy and effective. Let your self-care shopping experience start at VisitHer. Visit our site for more information!

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